Tree Planting Seasons

Trees and plants in general are beneficial to the environment. They are integral in natural processes such as air purification and also provide shade. It is therefore a good idea to consider having trees in your yard.

Once you decide to plant a tree, you will need to think about a number of things. First is the type of soil that you have. The trees that you buy from a nursery have been growing in some type of soil, whether sand or clay. Your compound should also have the same soil if the tree is to survive. Apart from the soil, you have to also think about the seasons and decide when to plant your tree.

Winter and Spring

These are the best seasons to plant a tree. In late winter, the ground is easier to manipulate. Although it is frozen, your plant can still anchor its roots and grow as the snow thaws. Additionally, this paves way for moderate weather in spring. The weather conditions are favorable for tree growth. You cannot plant in the beginning or middle of winter since the ground is covered in snow and is hard to access. Furthermore, you would not be able to water the plant adequately for it to grow.

Spring is also a great season to plant trees. The weather conditions are favorable because most plants are preparing to grow after winter. The weather is moderate so it is neither too hot nor too wet to hinder the tree’s growth.


Many people agree that summer is not the best season for tree planting in Michigan or any other area for that matter. Summer is characterized by extreme heat and dryness. Planting a tree during this season is setting it up for failure. However, you can still plant even during summer. You have to be prepared to water the tree constantly to ensure that it is not parched.

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Another factor you need to consider when thinking on which season to plant your tree is the tree’s dormancy. Professionals advise you to plant trees when they are in the dormant stage. This is best because the disturbance of getting the tree from the nursery and transferring it to your yard will not affect the growth of the tree.  Often, trees, especially deciduous ones, start to go into dormancy during fall as they prepare for winter. Planting in fall would therefore be a good idea.


Choosing your planting season will influence a lot, including watering. Remember that winter and summer are very dry seasons. For spring, you do not have to water the plant too much since you can still water it during summer. However, the case is different for fall. Winter is actually very dry for plants. The snow sits on the ground and does not thaw till the end of winter. It is therefore important to water the plant adequately during fall to ensure that it has enough water during winter. This will contribute to the plant’s survival and growth.

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