Growing Fruit Trees in Michigan

If you are thinking of growing a tree in your yard, you can consider getting a fruit tree. This depends on the space that you have and whether you are in the northern or southern part of Michigan State. If you plan on growing an orchard for commerce, then you should consider a few factors before choosing the type of fruit trees to grow. These include:


Where you live or where you have your orchard dictates the type of fruit trees that you should grow. Imagine planting a tree only for colder winters and hotter summers to dry it out and encourage pests and diseases. You do not want to deal with such outcomes. You therefore need to think about where to plant these trees. Is it in the north or the southern part of the state? What type of soil is found in your location of choice? This determines how well your tree will grow and the abundance of the harvest once the fruit is fully grown.

Benefits of Fruit Trees

There are various benefits of growing fruit trees. The first is that you can provide your family with the needed vitamins through fruits. It will save you the amount you would have used to buy fruit from the store. Furthermore, fruit trees can also be income generators if you grow them in large numbers. The harvest is sold off to recoup the investment and for a profit as well.

Fruit trees, unfortunately, tend to attract certain nuisance animals once the fruits are grown. This is a disadvantage that you have to consider as well. If you are going to plant a tree in your yard or even an orchard, you will need to put measures in place to control these animals.

The types of fruit trees that you can comfortably grow in Michigan include:


  • Apples


Michigan is only second to Washington State when it comes to apple production. One of the reasons that these trees thrive is because they are resistant to diseases. In addition to this, they are also resistance to the winter conditions and easily adapt to the soil in Michigan.


  • Pears


Pears are also common in Michigan State. They thrive here to produce some sweet fruit. The two most common varieties are Bartlett and Bosc. These fruit trees are most common in Oceana County.


  • Cherries


Cherries are also grown in Michigan. There are two types: the sweet and the sour ones. The sour ones thrive best because of their delayed blooming. This means that they are not affected by any unprecedented spring frost. Furthermore, the sour cherries are more adapted to cold winters. They therefore do better than their sweet counterparts.

Plum Fruit Fruit Trees Fruit Tree Tree PlumsConclusion

You can grow winter trees in Michigan as long as you focus on the right fruit and the right location. It could be a profitable venture if you own an orchard. If, however, the tree is in your backyard, you can also have an unlimited access to certain fruits in certain seasons of the year.

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