There are various reasons why you would decide to have a tree in your yard. Before you choose to add some trees to your compound, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The most important ones would center on the benefits of having the tree in your yard. Once you know this, you can narrow down on a reason to get a tree. This is important because it will determine the location of your tree among other things.

Some of the benefits include:


You can never have enough shade, especially during summer. Trees are the best shade providers in your compound. They shade your patio and your home in general. This gives you the chance to enjoy some quiet time on your patio or in your yard reading a book or doing something you like even during summer.

On the downside, if the tree is too large, the shade might cast a shadow on some rooms in your home. This forces you to constantly have lights on, even during the day. The other option would be to cut down the tree. However, this will not be a problem if you pick the right tree for your yard, i.e., one that does not grow too big.

Save Energy

Having a tree in your yard can help you to save up on energy. Trees keep your home cool and breezy. This comes in handy, especially during summer. You therefore do not need to use air conditioning as the tree already does the job. This helps you to save on energy bills and to be kinder to the environment.

Clean Air and Fruit Production

Another benefit of having a tree in your Michigan yard is that you always have clean air. Trees absorb carbon Dioxide and other harmful gases in the air. They then release clean oxygen that you breathe in. If you want clean air in your yard and home, get a tree.

Some trees produce fruit. If you choose to get one of these, then you have a supply of fruit for your family. You could also sell some of the surplus at your local farmer’s market and supplement your income.


Although this may rank low on the importance of benefits, trees are great for aesthetic appeal. They make your yard more lively and green. In fact, when it comes to changes in landscaping, it is common for professionals to recommend adding a tree to the environment. The placing will depend on what you want to achieve. The best place to plant the tree would be away from certain properties such as the garage or your neighbor’s fence.


Getting a tree in your yard is beneficial in different ways. You can enjoy these benefits by choosing the right tree when it comes to size and shape as well. Additional choices such as whether you want deciduous or evergreen trees matters. Although you have to rake and clean them out, the falling leaves in autumn are such a sight to behold.