Trees benefit the environment in more ways than one. They are homes to birds and other animals, provide fruit and shade as well. They are also a positive addition to the aesthetics of your home. You should consider adding some trees to your yard. If you are thinking about planting some trees in Michigan, then these tips will come in handy:

Planting Seasons

Tree planting is reserved for various seasons. The most common are spring and fall. During this time, the weather is suitable for planting and the ground is also easy to prepare. The trees have a better chance of growing under these conditions. On the other hand, you can still plant trees towards the end of winter or in summer. For winter, the end of the season would be best since the ground is more suitable for planting and to accommodate plants. For summer, most people advise against tree planting. However, it is still possible. You would only need to take extra care of the tree to give it a chance to grow healthy.

Preparing the Soil and Digging the Hole

Soil preparation is crucial to tree planting. Ground that has a lot of debris from construction does not encourage tree growth. You would need to add some nutrients to the soil to give the tree a better chance of growing in the soil. In addition to this, you should dig the hole before starting the transfer process.

The hole needs to be as deep as the container that the tree is coming in. It should also be wider than the container. This provides ample space for the tree once it is transferred. As you dig the hole, it is also important to place the soil on a paper or burlap so you can easily cover the plant after transferring it into the ground.

Tree Maturity and Transfer

Another tip is to ask about the maturity stage of the tree before buying it from the nursery. This is important because it dictates how well the tree will adapt to the soil and surrounding. You are better placed getting trees that are not too advanced since transferring them is difficult. Getting extremely young trees might also be demanding. You will have to pay extra attention to the tree before it grows enough to survive on its own, depending on the weather conditions alone.

If the tree is relatively young, you will need to water it daily, preferably in the evening, especially during summer. Trees often require about a year of special care before leaving them to flourish on their own. However, even after the one year, you still need to get professional tree care and maintenance for the tree to stay healthy.


With these tips, you will be able to plant a tree on your own. You do not have to get professional tree services for this. Unlike tree removal or trimming, tree planting is much simpler. However, you can still get some professionals to come plant trees as they do some landscaping on your lawn. It is entirely up to you.